Tax Letters

Tax Determination Letter


Great Tax Consultants,

#23, Bridgend,

Mid Glamorgan,

London, CF31

Date: 31st January 2012

Subject: Request for determination of tax liability for previous financial year

Dear Sir,

I am an individual working for a private firm for the past two years. As you know that it is mandatory for me to file returns for income tax, I would like to hire your services in helping me in determination of tax liability for the previous financial year. As I have started working only now I have never filed any returns and not aware of the procedure to be followed for the same.

Thus I want your organization to assess my tax liability on the basis of the income documents and investment copies enclosed by me along with this letter. As I have not filed any tax returns for the past two years it is mandatory for me to file it without fail this financial year.

I have downloaded your service from and filled in all the details required in it. I agree to all your terms of service and have put my signature in the form in approval of the same. I can provide any additional information or documents as necessary for arriving at my tax liability.

Thanking you for assistance in tax filing

Yours truly,

Luther Jack.

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