Tax Letters

Tax Extension Letter


Mr. David Wilson,

Tax Officer,

State Tax Department,

#12, Newbury,


London, RG14

Date: 25th March 2012

Subject: Requesting for extension of period for payment of tax for financial year 2011-2012

Dear Mr. David,

We are a manufacturing company having our factory in Berkshire and functioning for the past 12 years. We have been a regular payer of tax each year and never missed even a single year in the timely payment of tax. We are a law abiding company and have always been honest tax payers.

But this year due to cancelation of a huge export order we are in huge losses and our payments are stuck for non-receipt on time. As a result of this we have some tight financial commitments to meet to sustain our business needs. Given this situation we are not in a position to pay the tax that has been arrived at for our company this financial year.

We therefore request you to kindly give us an extension of six months to pay the tax. This will help us to tide over the financial crisis and also assign the amount necessary for paying tax thereafter.

Thanking you in anticipation of a positive reply.

Yours truly,


Kingston Manufacturing Company

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