Tax Letters

Tax Verification Letter


Ms. Bridget Glen,


Beverly Management Systems Ltd,

#9, Glasgow,

London, G72

Date: 15th January 2012

Subject: Verification of payment of tax for financial year 2011-2012

Dear Ms. Bridget,

We are writing to you from the State Tax Department with regard to the tax returns filed by your company for the current financial year. We have analyzed the documents submitted by your company and found a lot of discrepancies with regard to the calculation and assignment of tax. Even the documents attached by your company are not adequate for arriving at the actual tax payable by your company.

We therefore have decided to conduct a verification of tax for your company afresh and you are required to submit a new tax assessment form along with the following documents at our head office within fifteen days of receipt of this letter. The documents required are:

  1. Profit and Loss Statement for previous and current financial year
  2. Balance for the previous and current financial year.
  3. Tax receipts of previous and current financial year.
  4. Manufacturing Invoices for the current year.
  5. Audited financial results of current financial year.

Remember that is mandatory for you to submit the tax assessment form along with the above mentioned documents. On non-submission of the same we will be forced to take appropriate action against your company for non-compliance.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Micheal Ken,


State Tax Department

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