Tax Letters

Tax Advice Letter


Gordon Pierce,



London, BH22

Date: 16th March 2012

Subject: Advice for payment of tax

Dear Mr. Gordon,

This letter is being written by the State tax department to communicate the extent of tax that you are due to pay this year. In order to ensure that you are clear with the calculation of the amount of tax that has been arrived at, we are attaching tax advice sheets along with this letter. The tax advice sheet needs to be filled in by you with all your personal information along with the details of income and the tax that is payable by you according to the advise.

You can pay the amount of tax either in the form of cheque or demand draft payable at our head office on or before the lapse of fifteen days from the receipt of this tax advice letter. You can pay the tax after the lapse of fifteen days with a penalty of 1% on the total tax payable by you. The same has to be remitted directly to our department tax collection section. There will additional penalty if the payment of tax is not made within a week of lapse of the minimum time stipulated herein above.

Yours truly,

Sharon Stone,

State Tax Department


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