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Tax Acknowledgement Letter


Mr. Tosh Kingston,

#2, Wotton Underedge,


London, GL12

Date: 15th June 2012

Subject: Acknowledgement of tax payment received

Mr. Tosh,

We are writing to you from the income tax department of the state. We hereby acknowledge receipt of the tax payment cheque you had sent for an amount of 5000 pounds dated 25th May 2012 favoring our department. While the tax amount you have sent across is only on the basis of the self assessment done by you, you will be required to pay any additional amount if any on actual basis. We are in the process of completing the assessment of individual tax amounts in a chronological order according to the location of the tax payer.

As soon as we have finalized the individual tax amounts we will send you a communication to that effect mentioning the actual amount of tax. Any adjustment for tax refund will be made to the bank account mentioned by you in the form. In case you wish to receive a cheque instead of bank account credit, please communicate with our department within 15 days of receipt of this letter to help us do the needful.

For any queries feel free to contact our department on the below mentioned numbers.

Yours truly,

Joseph Matthew

State Tax Department,


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