Sympathy Letters

Sympathy Donation Letter


Mr. Paul Kinston,

#15, Bridgwater,


London, TA5


Subject: Donation in memory of your father

Dear Mr. Paul,

We want to inform you that we wish to contribute an amount in memory of your father who passed away after prolonged illness last year. He was a great visionary and a backbone for the progress and development of each and every employee in our organization. As a gesture of his undaunted support all the employees of our organization have decided to contribute to the old age home that is there in our locality.

We all know that we can probably not take away your grief of losing your father who was a role model for you but can do some contribution to help fulfill his dream. Your father always wanted to donate some money for the charity of destitute old people and this is what we can do to help his soul rest in peace.

We all have collected the amount that can be donated and deposited it in XYZ bank. Please find enclosed a cheque for the said amount in favor of the old age home which we want your family to hand over personally to them. Kindly send acknowledgement for the cheque and the donation receipt to our office address.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

On behalf of Employees,

Pam Andrews,

Whitney Harding Ltd.

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