Warning Letters

Student Warning Letter


Mr. Mathew Keller


Masters of Philosophy

Connecticut University

Connecticut, USA.

Date: 19th May, 2012

Subject: Warning Letter for short attendance

Mr. Keller

This letter has been written to convey to you the concerns expressed by many of your subject lecturers regarding the attendance shortage which has been observed on your part for the past semester. It seems like you have been missing classes continuously over the past few weeks and haven’t shown any interest in attending practical classes as well.

We would like to remind you about the university rule of debarring students from the examination process if the student falls short of a minimum of 65% attendance every semester. Your attendance is about 50% and we advise you to be more regular or we shall be forced to bar you from the exams and inform your family as well regarding the same. Infact, it is a rule of the University to send only a single warning letter to the student and in case he/she doesn’t attend to the warning, the next warning letter is directly sent to the parents/guardian.

We hope to see an improvement in your attendance.


Mr. James Maroni

Administration Head

Connecticut University,

Connecticut, USA.

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