Warning Letters

Staff Attendance Warning Letter


Miss Jennifer de Souza

Sales department, head officer

48 reddings road

Moseley, Birmingham (UK)

24th July 2010

Subject: staff attendance warning letter regarding irregular attendance to the head officer

Dear Miss Jennifer,

We have received some complaints regarding short and irregular attendance of the staff working under your supervision, including a poor record of your attendance as well. Sales department is one of the most important unit in our company and its working requires an efficient staff, which is capable of working all the day. An absence of its staff and head officer is affecting the status of our company.

We would like you to speak to your staff regarding their irregular attendance in the company, and explain them the consequences of doing the same in future. The policy of our company includes that none of the staff member is allowed to take a leave without giving the application and having the permission of the head officer.

If an immediate action is not taken by you regarding the absenteeism of your staff members, a strict action could be taken against them including you. You are required to report to the managing director of the company, along with an application letter giving us the reason of your extended absence from the office.


Aaron Holmes

Chief executive officer

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