Warning Letters

Employee Attendance Warning Letter


Mr. James Cameron

Manager, sales department

4B west enclave, Washington Street


22 July 2000

Subject: warning letter to the employee for being absent for extended period without application of leave.

Dear Mr. James

We have been continually receiving reports regarding your absence from the office without any prior application of leave. Your dates of absence reported are as follows, you have been absent from 12th May to 17th May and from 7th June to 11th June, even some days in July have your account of absence.

You have broken an important company policy of taking leave without any permission and application, and now you are given a last warning to improve your attendance in the company, otherwise strict actions can be taken against you.

You are already aware about the terms and conditions of our company, which includes a consistent regular attendance in the company. Breaking this term is a serious issue which needs to be handled by us on strict bases. We would like you to report to the head office along with the application stating the reason for your irregular attendance. Hope we will see a better attendance record from you in future.

Yours Sincerely,

GD Thompson


PVS Ltd.

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