Warning Letters

Attendance Warning Letter


Mr. Thomas gill

99 central park west, London


23rd July 2011

Subject: attendance warning letter for short attendance in college

Dear Mr. Thomas,

Your attendance records for this academic session 2010-11 shows your long absence from college and your absenteeism from all your classes. This letter is written to you in order to warn you that your attendance does not meet with standard requirements of attendance for college and to notify you that if you are not able to improve your attendance record for future academic sessions then you would not qualify to sit in any of the final examinations.

We would further require an application from your parent regarding the reason for your long absence from the college and in case of some medical issues; we would require a medical application and prescription’s photocopy from the doctor who has been treating you.

Your attendance record for this academic session has been of 45% where as standard requirement of college for qualifying to sit in exams is of 66%. You are left with one term to improve your attendance and we hope that this letter will motivate you to attend your further classes.


Mr. John Wright

Head administration dept.

Nottingham University

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