Thank you Letters

Reference Thank You Letter


Miss Megan Holmes

Principle, Saint Thomas school

32 north square, Birmingham Street

London, U.K

2nd June 2010

Subject: reference thank you letter for college admission

Dear Miss Megan,

I really appreciate your generosity for taking time from your busy schedule and writing a reference letter for my college admission. This reference letter is very important for my admission as it acts as a character certificate for me and gives an indication of my past record in your school. I have already given my application form in Cambridge University and am still waiting for the result.

Studying in your school has always been a pleasure and privilege for all the students. What I am today and will become in future is only due to the good morals and education I have received from this school. I will always try to keep the name of your school high and bright.

I would again like to thank you for your assistance and for providing me with a highly recommendable reference letter. I will write to you as soon as the results are out and hope to get the admission in Cambridge University. Please pray for me, as your blessings are truly valuable for me.

Yours faithfully

Shane Johnson

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