Certification Letters

Student Certification Letter

HR Department

ABC Chain of Hotels

45 Winston Street

Birmingham, UK

19th Feb 2012

Subject: Certification for Student’s Education

To whomsoever it may concern

This letter is being written at the request of Nancy Johns as a certification of her educational qualification. Nancy Johns is a student of our institute. She is pursuing a course in hotel management from our institute, ABC Institute of Hotel Management, Birmingham. This is a two years course that trains the students in every aspect of Hotel Management.

I would like to share that Nancy Johns is a bright student. She has cleared all the semesters with good grades. She has also been participating in extra co-curricular activities and has won a number of prizes in various competitions.

Her anticipated date of graduation is 10th April 2012. Please feel free to contact me, in case you require any further information about this student.

Thanks and Regards,

Ben Johnson

ABC Institute of Hotel Management, Birmingham.




Certification Letters

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