Certification Letters

Medical Certification Letter


Sandra Blake

45, Prince Apartments

Park Street

Greenwich, Connecticut

18th Feb 2012

To whomsoever it may concern

I have examined Ms. Sandra Blake on 18th Feb 2012. After examining her and going through the details of all the medical tests she has undergone, I hereby certify that she is fit both physically and mentally. Her reports are normal and there is no sign of any kind of disease or illness. Ms. Blake can now resume her work and attend office during her routine working hours.

I have also gone for a second opinion from Dr. Jonathan of Abc Nursing Home before preparing this certification. He has looked at all the medical reports of Ms. Blake and found her to be fit. It is however, recommended that she undergoes medical check-up regularly, that is to say at least once an year in order to track any disease or illness that may crop up in future.


Dr. William D’silva

Sunshine Hospital

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