Solicitation Letters

Short Sale Solicitation Letter


Mr. Harry Smith,

222 Morrow Lane,

Lubbock, Texas

June 11, 2012

Subject: Short sale solicitation letter

Dear Mr Smith,

I, Jerry Lebowski, work as a realtor and sell homes in your area, and while surveying the neighborhood I saw that you were marketing your house yourself. If you allow me, I shall be able to do a neighborhood analysis and come up with a good price for your home so that you get to know the market price of the property in your area, at what prices are houses being sold and how much is your property worth, keeping in mind current market standards. Since selling homes can be a very long process, I am ready to help you on behalf of Good Homes and Living Realtors and guide you on how to make an effective sale. I also have a lot of business connections and should you have a buyer for your house, you can ask my help to negotiate better and get a good deal.

You can either check my website or you can contact me directly on my phone or leave a voice message at 7292961889 and I will call you right back. Have a good day!

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Jerry Lebowski

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