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Non-Profit Donor Solicitation Letter


Mr. Juliet Hilton

CEO, Hilton Industries

993 High Tower City,

Los Angeles

June 11, 2012

Subject: Solicitation letter for donation to non-profit organization, Green Leaf Society

Dear Ms Hilton,

I, Sonny James, am writing this letter on behalf of a non-profit organization Green Leaf Society, where I would like to humbly request you to consider making a donation to our organization which primarily deals with educating people and finding solutions that will lead to an eco-friendly environment. We spend our time educating youngsters in schools and colleges and also adults in workplaces on how they can contribute towards a more sustainable environment by giving them information about recycling, using eco-friendly products and encourage use of less fuel wherever possible. Since we are a non-profit organization, our mission is not make Green Leaf a commercial venture but a source of information and solutions for the environmental problems faced by today’s society.

We would be very grateful if you donate any amount to this organization because every contribution would help us immensely and aid towards developing more programs for educating the society and finding out easy ways by which we can reduce our carbon footprint. We appreciate that you are taking out time from your busy schedule.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Sonny James

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