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Service Promotion Letter


Michael Clark,

Time Clock Pieces Ltd.,

New York 544880


Jack Sparrow,

Time Clock Pieces Ltd.,

New York 544880

Dear Jack,

I am glad that I got your service rendered to our office since past 2 years now.  There has been excellent service delivery on your part during that time frame.  We as a whole team delighted to continue with your service and get promoted yourself to supervisory level.  The results we were getting during your service period were unparallel to any of the person we have entertained during our office years.  Everyone at our office is talking about your service when there is any topic about service begins.

I would like you to deliver same kind of service after your promotion year after year.  There is more to your surprise as we are going to have a party organized for you as a token of appreciation.  I hope there are no issues on your part while you are delivery your service here in our office.

I give you time to take a break and have it spent with your loved ones.

Yours Truly,

Michael Clark

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