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Sample Business Promotion Letter


Janet Matt,

Rockers Celebrity Agency,

New Jersey 07788


Calvin Dan,

Rockers Celebrity Agency,

New Jersey 07788,

Dear Mr. Calvin,

This letter is to inform you that you have been successfully promoted to Celebrity Manager Post.  I have constantly admired your service to bring up our business since past many months now.  There has been gradual increase in the number of celebrity management since your inclusion in our organization.

We look to see more of your efforts to all our existing as well as new clients.  If there are any problems arising out of the post you have been promoted, let me know so that we can ease out your pressure and make you more comfortable since you are eligible to hold that post.  I wish you can bring more clients in and also achieve corporate history by your great charm and efforts.

Your colleagues and I have organized a grand party tomorrow at Welsh Hotel, which is just down the corner of our office.  I again wish you for your achievements and hope you spend a great time with your loved ones after this.

Yours Truly,

Janet Matt

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