Promotion Letters

Sample Promotion Letter


George Bush,

Designer Tiles Works Ltd.,

California 76677


Lee Hamilton,

California 78856

Dear Lee,

It is my great time to inform you that you have been selected for the promotion of sales manager.  Looking at your constant results in terms of business and clients, our company has definitely been benefited with your achievement on this.  No doubt that our company has achieved unprecedented growth since past 1 year now, it is to my surprise that no single client has come with any type of complaints against you during that time schedule.  This brings confidence in me to entitle you with sales manager at this point in time.  I am sure that this post will bring in more results and achievements in your career very shortly.

As you are getting promoted, we are going to have a small party at our office premises wherein your colleagues, me, and my boss will be there to share the common ground about success at workplace.  I would hereby leave you on your own to enjoy this great moment

Yours Truly,

George Bush

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