Complaint Letters

Service complaint letter

Ms. Alicia Ricks

W. Boy Scout Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33607

March 19, 2010

Ms. Rita Forester


Rita’s Salon

Dear Ms. Forester,

I came across your salon last week and was enticed by the eye-catching look of your salon and advertisements posted on your website.  I was hesitant at first to change to a new salon but I was convinced after reading guarantees and testimonies you claimed.  Thus, I had my hair styled and colored at your branch in town.  The look was pleasing and seemed nicely done right after the procedure so I went home satisfied.

At this time, however, my hair started to fall more than usual.  The hair color is also starting to fade right away and my hair has become brittle.  You have guaranteed your customers to quality service.  I hope you would address my complaint promptly and bring my hair back to its former health without additional charge.


Alicia Ricks

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