Complaint Letters

Delivery complaint letter

Dr. Felicity Robinson


Connecticut Hospital

Stamford, Connecticut 06901

February 19, 2010

Mr. Archibald Silverstone

Sales Manager

Equipment Suppliers, Inc.

Dear Mr. Silverstone,

This letter is to put forward our complaint regarding the delay in delivery of our order for medical equipment.  The equipment we purchased from your company were supposed to be delivered three days ago but we have yet to receive them nor any notification from your office regarding the cause of the delay.  The said medical equipment are needed in our hospital’s day-to-day operations and the delay has already caused problems in our operation.

Should you fail to deliver the items within two days of the receipt of this letter, we will be cancelling our order and purchasing the items from another supplier.  Please also pay for the additional charges we have incurred due to the delay in the delivery.

Thank you.


Dr. Felicity Robinson

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