Congratulations Letters

Sample Congratulations Letter


Jack Andrews

Trento Building

123, Park Street


6th January, 2012

Dear Jack,

Congratulations! It gives me an immense pleasure to tell everyone that my son is a graduate now. Not only this, you have raised my head high above, by topping the Merit list.

Andrew, it was always in my dreams to see you climbing the apex. I am very happy that you have turned my dream into a reality. I appreciate the way you elbowed all the hardships, after the sudden demise of your mom. The way you managed to carry your academic career forward was not that easy. I must say, I am proud to have a son like you!

I wish you all the very best for your future aspects. I will do everything that would make you get exceedingly good score in your post graduate exams. Keep the spirits high always!


Love, your father

Michael Andrew

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