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Greg Neil

143 Royale’s Street

Red Building


12th Feb 2012

Subject: Heartiest congratulations for a success of “The teen era”.

Dear Mr. Neil

On behalf of the entire team of Young Publications, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on such a huge success of your novel “The teen era”. In a click of seconds, your novel has got enormous appreciation all over the streets of London.

The entire team at Young Publications feels great that you were a part of this organisation. Your ideas and writing skills together contributed to such a great work. You have proven the sceptics wrong and have managed to hit the audience with your confidence. “The teen era” is till now one of the hot selling novels in all the leading book stores. Your work not only attracts young generation but the people of all ages.

We again congratulate you for your success. Keep the spirits high always!

Yours Truly

Aniston Hardly


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