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Mr Fred Brown

Writer, London City Building

Paul Nathan Block Street


Date: 3rd January, 2012

Sub: Heartiest congratulations winning the Best Writer of “The London City News Writers list.”

Dear Mr. Brown,

Please accept my heartiest congratulations for your glowing success on winning the crown of “the best writer of The London City News”. This in indeed a splendid achievement and with this you have proven the sceptics wrong.

You have become a centre of attraction in whole of our industry. From the starting, I have been a promoter of your piece of writing and today you have made me feel proud. All over the city, people are admiring your accomplishments. Being a winner of such a prestigious position is an honour in itself.

I again congratulate you on such a huge success. We look forward to extract such excellence from you in the future as well.

Heartiest best wishes for all your future work

Brad Patterson

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