Confirmation Letters

Leave Confirmation Letter


Glenn Close

Assistant Manager

Marketing Department

Gas Garments Limited

21 Rich Mound Road

Sin City, New Jersey 5690

Dated: 23rd of February 2012

Subject: Confirmation of application for leave

Dear Mr. Close,

This is in regards to your application for a paid leave on 27th of February 2012. We would like to inform you that your leave has been confirmed on the same date.

You had applied for a leave on 15th of February 2012 as your mother is not keeping well and you wanted to take her for the doctor’s appointment. We checked your leave tracker and found out that that you have fifteen leaves outstanding for this year. Above that the reason for which you need leave is very important. We understand that the health of your mother is very important.

We would request you to update the leave tracker. Your paid leave will be for a period of one day.


Nancy Myers

Marketing Department Head

Gas Garments Limited

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