Confirmation Letters

Legal Confirmation Letter


Tim Burton

21 Headily Street

New South Wales, United Kingdom 5699

Dated: 3rd of March 2012

Subject: Legal confirmation of your partnership application

Dear Mr., Burton,

This is in regards to your application for the position of a partner in Terry Partnership Limited. We would like to inform you that your position has been legally confirmed.

As per legal confirmation you are will be a fifty percent partner of the firm.  You are entitled to share the profit and loss equally and have access to all the business information of the firm. In case there is any dispute between the partners and dissolution of partnership then you have to bear fifty percent of the liability and also entitled to get fifty percent of the amount received after selling off the assets.

This legal confirmation letter will serve as evidence in future. Your partnership in the firm begins from 6th of March 2012.


Ron Howard

Chief Judge

State Court.

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