Claim Letters

Sample Claim Letter


Katy Wilson

#75, Forest Field Avenue

San Diego, CA

Date: 13-12-2011

Subject: Claim letter

Dear Ms. Wilson

This letter is in reference to the stationery order that I made on 4th December 2011. The purchase order was prepaid and the order number was 456756. I made an order for 10,000 visiting cards. But you have sent wrong material to me, as I have received letterhead stationery instead of visiting card.

I am sending your material back to you by spending $7 as the postage amount. Kindly accept my claim for the right material along with this $7 that I have spent for returning the faulty material. I hope you will be able to check the communication error at your office and will take care of these issues in future deliveries.

I’ll appreciate a quick corrective action so that I can get the material that I ordered for on time.

Yours’ sincerely

Mr. William Johnson

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