Certification Letters

Work Certification Letter


Mr. Addy Black

#453, Hilton Top Drive

San Diego, CA

Subject: Work certification letter

Dear Ms. Parker

I am writing this letter to certify that Ms. Stacey Miller is employed at Y2K enterprises. She has been working as Soft Skills Trainer with our company for last 3 years. Now, she has been granted with a scholarship from our organization according to which she can enroll herself in a higher degree program from your reputed university.

This letter is in reference to request you the exemption of certain modules of your course as her work experience has taught her many things and she possesses relevant knowledge in these areas. I have attached few documents with this letter to show her experience in these fields.

Kindly consider this exemption from her side from these course modules, however she will be available for the midterm and final term examination along with other students.


Mr. George Thomson

Manager, Y2K Enterprises

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