Apology Letters

Sample Apology Letter

Dear Mathew,

I know that what you are thinking about me after the last night incident. But my dear friend whatever last night happened was just my big mistake. I should not have abused you and slap you dear. It was just done by the mistake. I was totally out of mind my brother.

Now whatever I can do is just make a sincere apology for my big mistake. Your angriness with me is totally valid my brother. But it will just result in the breakup of our long friendship. I do not let it happened that is why I am writing this letter to you my brother.

Every human is bound to make mistake, I have also done the same. But it is also fact that every human learn from his mistake I have also learnt the lesson. I promise you my dear it shall not happen again in future.

Please! Please! Please! Forgive me my brother and sweet friend.

Your best friend,


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