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Personal Apology Letter

Mr. Jeff Hardy,

123, Main Street,

New York,



Mr. Matt Hardy,

0231, Blue Street,

Los Angeles-54623


Dear Brother,

How are you feeling now brother? I have heard that you have got heart attack stroke for which you were admitted to the hospital for ten days. I apologize for not being with you during your hard and painful time. When I heard this bad news, I was sent to London for an important dealing by my company. I have just arrived today at home. I have also applied for the leave instantly when I reached to my office from the trip.

I will see you as soon as my leave will be sanctioned by my company. I am really sorry again for could not be able to see you during your illness. I hope that you have recovered a lot since the incident happened. But I feel little bit good that my wife Angelina has visited you in the hospital. She was saying that you had recovered very fast from the effect of the attack.

I will see you as soon as I got the leave my brother.

Take Care of You,

Your brother,

Jeff Hardy

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