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Bonus Announcement Letter

March 13, 2011

Dear Employees,

It is immense pleasure to announce two months bonus salary for our employees. You will be rewarded with such bonus in the next month. This is announcement has been made keeping in mind the upcoming Christmas vacation. We want that our employees do not face any financial crunch in enjoying their Christmas vacation.

This is the result of your contribution towards the organization over the years of ten years through your dedicative services to our business. The employees who are working with the organization for more than 10 years will be paid 3 months bonus salary and rest of the employees will be subject to two months bonus salary.

Your hard work and dedication which can be seen through the success of organization have compelled us to announce such bonus package for our honest employees. We are hoping that our employees will continue this way of working in near future as well.

Thank you,

Administrative Manager,

Orange and company,

Orange County,



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