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Writing Announcement Letter


Mr. Jack Sparrow

1025, Main Street,

Los Angeles-2365


March 13, 2011

Dear Mr. Sparrow

Sub- Announcement of 20% hike in your salary.

We are pleased to announce you that we have decided to hike your salary by 20% from next month onwards. This hike is the result of your hard work and dedication which you have shown through your work in the company. The hike will not only subject to basic salary but it is the overall hike of your salary.

We can expect better performance from your side after the hike in your salary. It is expected that such hike will prove as the motivation factor for you so that you can work harder and more dedicative in the future.

You can realize from such hike that we recognize and pay the hard work and dedication of our emloyee. If you are able to continue this way of working then you can expect more hikes in near future as well.

Thank you very much being one of the important parts our organization. We hope that you will continue this passion of working as long as you are related with us.


Administration Manager,

Apple and company,

Los Angeles


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Announcement Letters

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