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Romantic Anniversary Letter

Nancy Allen,

Deer Park, 2002,



June 04, 2011

Dear Nancy,

It had been a memorable day when God provided me an opportunity to get married you on this day. Yet I cannot believe that 25 years of our wedding has passed away and yet I believe that I have just got married you couple of days back. I have great regret that today I am not with you on this remarkable occasion but my dear you had always been staying in my heart, have been staying my heart and will always stay in my heart.

I hope that my anniversary gift has reached to you and hope that you liked it. I wish on this day that our relationship do not have any ending edge and last forever and ever. The best thing about our relationship is not our wedding but our friendship, our mutual understanding and our love which has bound us together for long time.

Many, Many and Many happy returns of the day sweetheart!

Happy Anniversary!

Yours and will always be yours,


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