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Romantic Sorry Letter

Jason Lee,

Albertson, 90025,

New York-11701,


June 04, 2011

Dear Jason,

I hope that your anger might have come down. We know to each other for last two years and it never happened that you annoyed with me. But I do not know what I did which made you annoyed with me. I am sorry if something happened due to me and I beg my apology to you.

I still love you and expect that your anger will get away soon and we will soon come back to our romantic life. I there ups and downs in the life of every couple and I reckon that it is our tough. Neither of them persists for long time and has ending edge. I hope that the ending edge of tough time our relationship is far near and will get away soon.

I once again beg you sorry for my mistake if anything happened wrong by me and hope that you will get soon to your normal mood again.

Thank You,

Yours and Only yours,


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