Romantic Letters

Love and Romantic Letter

Susan Williams,

Canon City, 1010

Colorado- 35010,

June 04, 2011


Hi sweetheart, how are you? I know that you are annoyed with me as I did not meet you for last one week. I was not in the city darling and I hope that you were aware of it. I am sorry dear I could not tell you about my trip but what I could do I had to go urgently and it was very important task to do.

I hope that it is not going to affect our relationship at all.  I think you missed me a lot which I can reckon through your sms to me and your missed calls to me. I too missed you a lot dear.  I am going to meet you soon and most probably on Sunday. Why we should not go for dinner this Sunday? I hope that you will accept my proposal.

Love you darling,



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