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Sarah Garcia,

Atlantic Beach, 6010,


June 04, 2011

Dear Sarah,

I love you lot, lot and a lot that I do not have time to love my pet. The only thing that fascinates me whenever I make look on you is the black spot on your face. Whenever I decide to buy a dress for you my sweetheart I get into the dilemma whether it is going to fit to your fatty body.

I still remember our first meeting when you fell into the sewage tank I had given you my hand to get out of day. It has been a remarkable date with you when I could not see your face due to your beautiful friend Mary.

I reckon that the time has come to propose you I will be waiting for you in the green park I hope that you will reach there early in the morning and if you do not have time then please send your friend Mary because I do not to waste my proposing day.



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Romantic Letters

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