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Romantic Love Birthday Letter

Maria Smith,

Alexander City, 6001,


June 04, 2011

Dear Maria,

I am sorry dear I am not with you on the occasion of your birthday so I have taken help of this letter to wish your birthday. I hope that my letter will make my presence in your birthday party. I hope that you are having a charming birthday party though I am not there. I love you so much dear and miss you a lot. I regret that I could not send you any gift for your birthday sweetheart but promise you when I shall come back do bring your birthday gift.

I still remember your first birthday with me. It was a remarkable one and I am not going forget during entire life. I hope that you will remind our love on your birthday and will miss me as I am missing you here. You have been an important part of my life and wish you will always be the part of my life. I am missing your birthday a lot darling.

I am sorry once again dear for my absence.



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