Contract Letters

Renew Contract Letter


Seth Rogan

GL Technologies

System Administrator

12 Aspen High Street

Rich Field City, South Dakota 7590

Dated: 21st of February 2012

Subject: Renewal of contract

Dear Mr. Rogan,

This is in regards to the contract that we have with your organization and which is expired on 15th of February 2012. We would like to renew the contract for a period of two years.

As per the previous contract you were providing software solutions to our organization by developing and maintaining the software used in our daily business. The higher management is very happy with your service and so we would like to renew the contract. As per the new contract your payment will be the same. Even the terms and conditions required to be followed will be similar to that of previous contract.

We are looking forward for reply in this regards and we hope that you would also like to do business with us again.


John Lay

Administration Head

ABC Manufacturer Limited.

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