Contract Letters

Contract Rejection Letter


Remo Depp

Cleaners and Washers Limited

23 Holy Future Lane

New land, New Jersey 3467

Dated: 10th of June 2011

Subject: Rejection of contract

Respected Mr. Depp,

This is in regards to the contract sent by you on 8th of June 2011. We have to inform you that we are rejecting the contract.

You had sent us a contract mentioning that you would be providing cleaning as well as plumbing services at our office premise located at 21 Tango Charlie Road, New land, New Jersey 3445.

You have mentioned in the contract that you would be charging us an amount of $5000 for the service provided and you also want the complete payment to be made in advance before the contract begins.  We found the amount quoted by you to be very high. Above that when we avail the service of a vendor we make fifty percent payment of the amount in advance. So we are sorry to say that we would not be able to accept your contract.

Hope to work with you in future.


Jack Ripper

Business Head

Sun Rise Technologies

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