Contract Letters

Contract Justification Letter


Neil Bump

Assistant Sales manger

Sales Department, Universal Technologies Limited

High Rise Towers

27 Yankee Doodle Street

New York, New jersey 4578

Dated: 5th of May 2011

Subject: Justification of the contract sent by us

Dear Mr. Bump,

This letter is in regards  to the contract sent by us to your organization on 1st of May 2012. We would like to justify the reason for the late submission of the contract.

When we draft a contract, we do so in the presence of our lawyer. But when you had asked us to send you the contract our lawyer was not keeping well. He was admitted in a hospital as had to undergo  a heart surgery. We were waiting for him to recover so that we could cross check with him the legal aspects mentioned in the contract.

I hope you understand the reason for the delay in submission.

Thanking you,

Nathan Lee

Communications Department

Hard Hardware Limited

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