Reference Letters

Reference Letter from a Doctor


Nancy Myers

Sales Department Head

Gas Garments Limited

23 Green Way Road

New York, New Jersey 3489

Dated: 12th of May 2012

Respected Miss. Myers,

This is to refer Danny Morris who has applied for the position of a sales executive in your organization. I have conducted a medical test on Danny and he has passed the medical test.

Danny had come to my hospital on 10th of May 2012 for a check up. He seems to be fine both physically as well as mentally. He has passed all the medical test that you had asked us to conduct. We had conducted a number of blood tests. The result of none of the blood tests was positive. His height is normal and his weight as per his height and weight is also fine.

The results prove that the candidate is a healthy one and you can confidently hire him.

Yours sincerely,

Jude Law

Senior Doctor

WellBeing Hospital

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