Complaint Letters

Product Complaint Letter


Mr Simpson,


Bridgeton Lane,

New Orleans


Mr Fraser,

Gem Electronics,

New Orleans

Dear Mr Fraser,

This letter has surfaced to fulfil the need to submit my grievance at your disposal. I am entirely disgusted that the vacuum cleaner which I bought from your shop has broken down after a couple of uses. It has been promised to me that it is the best quality vacuum cleaner; but the promise has not been delivered. Warranty has been provided on the vacuum cleaner, but even then such an early break down of the machine is not justifiable. The letter is enclosed with the warranty card which has been provided with the vacuum cleaner for the one year warranty period of the vacuum cleaner.

I am expecting that the repair of the vacuum cleaner would be done at the earliest and you shall be sending someone to get it fetched from my home. I am hopeful that this time around a gem of a service is rendered from Gem Electronics.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Simpson

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