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Harassment Complaint Letter


Ms Veronica,

Blazing Dance Group


Mr Finnegan,


Celestial Talent Show event

Dear Mr Finnegan,

It is very unfortunate that I have been required to write this letter to you. But, the circumstances appeal that strict actions are required to be taken pronto. The thing is that my group has been suffering the harassment from the other performers of the event. It has been entirely suffocating for us to perform in such an ambience. It would be better that the reasons of the harassment are discovered by you on your own.

This kind of treatment has never been met to us by anyone. And I am afraid that we have to pull out of the event if necessary actions are not taken in time. I may bear this to some extent; however, I would not tolerate mistreatment of my fellow performers. It has been extremely necessary for you to take charge of the situation and give us the ambience for the preparations which has been promised.

Yours honestly,

Ms Veronica

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