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Neighbour Complaint Letter


Mr Jackson,

B-11, Wilson Drive,



Mr Lawrence,


Wilson Drive,


Dear Mr Lawrence,

I, Mr Jackson, your neighbour, am writing this letter to put forward my grievance. The grievance is regarding the party which you had yesterday. I understand completely that things sometime get hysterical. However, the after effects of the party which you had yesterday are entirely beyond the reach of my understanding. My lawn has been a wreck because of the disruption caused by the guests in your party. Not only my lawn, have all the plants planted at the rim of the lawn suffered gravely from the outrageous and irresponsible behaviour of your guests.

Besides this, we have been denied peace for the entire night. Considering the good relations that we have had in the past, I did not complaint to the concerned authorities. I am hopeful that you will look after the things for not turning this disastrous in future. Looking forward to a utopian phase in the neighbourhood,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jackson

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