Complaint Letters

Responding to Complaint Letter


Mr Johnson,

Decent Construction Materials,



Mr Presley,

Wilson Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Presley,

This letter has been drafted in response to the grievance which was forwarded to me about the quality of the construction materials. I appreciate that you made this grievance for the quality pronto. I assure you that I will personally look into the matter for the deterioration in the quality of the construction materials. I submit my apologies, on behalf of Decent Construction Materials, for the inconvenience and delay caused in the construction for the mistake on our part.

The reasons for the below standard quality of the construction materials are under investigation. I assure you that nothing of this sort shall happen again in future. I regret thoroughly on the occurrence of this incident. I am hopeful that this unfortunate event will not cast any shadow on the bright business relations which we have shared for such a long period of time. Looking forward to a utopian future in our relations,

Yours honestly,

Mr Johnson

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