Complaint Letters

Complaint letter to Higher Authorities


Mr Jones,

General Manager,

The Mall,



Mrs Jessica,

Head of Quality Control department,

The Mall,


Dear Mrs Jessica,

I, Mr Jones, general manager for The Mall, am writing this letter to forward some of the feedback which we have received for the upholstery products which The Mall provides. The feedback has not been encouraging at all. Most of the consumers are not satisfied for the quality of upholstery products which we are providing. There has been some problem somewhere which is needed to be investigated for these undesired results which have cropped up.

I assure you that utmost care is taken for handling and keeping of the products. I suggest that the area of concern is the making up of these products. I am hopeful that you would be taking the necessary steps for overcoming the undesired consequences for all the efforts which we put in. I would like to hear from you if anything can be done on my part in this context. Please, look after this urgently,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jones

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