Decline Letters

Mortgage Decline Letter


Harry Brown

1 Risky Road

London 3456

United Kingdom

Subject: Letter to inform about decline of mortgage application

Respected Sir,

We regret to inform you that your application for mortgage loan to our organization has been declined. The reason for this decline is that you do not meet the required criteria.

You had applied for mortgage loan in our organization on 10th of December 2011 for an amount of $100000 using your residential property located at the above mentioned address. We have a team of inspectors who inspect and evaluate a property after an individual applies for a mortgage loan. Our inspectors had also inspected and evaluated your residence and they found the value to be around $50000 which is much lesser to the loan amount that you have applied for. Thus we feel sorry that we will not be able to grant the requested loan amount.

In case if you wish to apply for a lesser loan amount you can please contact us at 937-8474-47847

Yours Sincerely,

Mike Tyson

General Mortgage Services

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