Decline Letters

Meeting Decline Letter


Jane Austen

Team Leader

Sales Department

Universal Limited

12 Roger High Colony

London, United Kingdom

Dated: 12th of December 2011

Subject: Letter for meeting decline

Respected Miss. Austen,

This letter is in regards to the meeting proposed by you between the members of the sales department and the higher management in order to revise the sales target given to the sales department.  We would like to inform you that your request for the meeting has been cancelled.

There is a certain target assigned to the sales department. But, you felt that the target is very high and so you had proposed the meeting. This target has been given after making all the necessary calculations and we feel that the target is very much achievable. I believe that there is no need to revise the target.

In case you have any other issues, you can address us and if we feel necessary we will go ahead with a meeting.


Norman reed,


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