Decline Letters

Membership Decline Letter


Luke Wilson,

High Rise Towers,

12 Hilly Billy Lane,

New Hampshire 4567

United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter for declining club membership

Respected Mr. Wilson,

We regret to inform you that you application for membership in our club has been declined. There are specific reasons for declining the membership.

You had submitted the application form for membership in our club on 10th of June 2011. While submitting the application we had informed you about the annual membership fee that you have to pay to get your membership confirmed. You had submitted a postdated check as membership fees. But, sadly he check that you had submitted has bounced due to lack of sufficient funds in your bank account. Above that, the residential address that you have mentioned in the form is not valid.

We thank you for applying for membership in our club and you can apply again next year.


Jane Myer

Chief Secretary

Anderson Club

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