Follow Up Letters

Follow Up Letter


John Andrews

ZTC Telecom Ltd.

Trans Street


13th Jan 2012

Dear Mr. Andrews

Subject: Telephone Bill follow up letter

Dear Mr. Andrews,

I had submitted an application for incorrect charges being levied in my telephone bill last month. In an earlier correspondence via phone an executive from your company had committed a waiver for this discrepancy in the bill. However, I have not received any written communication for the same from your company. I would like to confirm whether the waiver committed to me has been posted and changes been made in the bill amount.

Please let me know as to how much amount is due after all the deductions so that I can pay the balance amount to enjoy uninterrupted telephone service. Also since there was a delay in communication from your end due to which I could not make the balance payment on time, I would request you not to charge any late fee for this bill.


Nancy Smith

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