Leave Letters

Long Leave Letter


69, Orchard Rd,

Horsham ,

West Sussex ,

RH13 5JR


Drummond Terrace,

Crieff ,

Perthshire ,



This is to bring to your kind notice that I wish to apply for long leave for a period of [no. of days]. This leave is very important for me as my children are graduating from university.

My children who are pursuing graduation program in university have successfully completed graduation and certification is due on [date] and as a parent, I am requested to be present at the function.

So I am planning to leave the city on [date] and would like to stay with my children in university campus and ensure proper attendance for the function.

Further it will also be my responsibility to ensure find good jobs for my children and to this extent I need to provide good guidance.

In order to complete all these jobs, at least I need a 2 to 3 months time which is why I am requesting for a long leave which is commencing from [date].

Kindly approve.

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